Dave and Annabelle are awarded Medals of the Order of Australia

We are very excited to announce that Annabelle and David were yesterday awarded Medals of the Order of Australia, an incredible and humbling honour. They are so proud to receive this recognition and are very grateful for the ongoing support of their Board of Directors, staff and volunteers across Australia and Uganda, their families and friends, as well as loyal sponsors and supporters across the globe.

School for Life would never have been so successful without the tireless ongoing commitment of so many dedicated supporters and we look forward to being able to positively impact the lives of many more children and adults through education, empowerment and capacity development in the years to come.

Exclusive Premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey


Join us for the ultimate girls’ night out on Thursday 12th February – the exclusive premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey at The Hayden Orpheum, 380 Military Road, Cremorne. Tickets are $30, and include a glass of champagne and goody bag. Screening commences at 8:15pm, doors open from 7:30pm.


Invite your friends and make it big, fun girls’ night out!All funds raised go directly towards expanding the operations of our projects in Uganda.

Thank you for a brilliant 2014!

IMG_0661This year has been our biggest and most successful yet and we couldnt do it without you.In 2014, thanks to your generosity we have worked hand in hand with the community to:

  • Provide high quality education to 220 students, including 6 special needs;
  • Provide employment to more than 60 Ugandans;
  • Provide 30 women with training and 20 women with jobs in our tailoring centre. As such, we have quadrupled their incomes which has a flow on effect for the whole community;
  • Provide free health care to the entire community through our partnership with Alive Medical Services;
  • Purchase 30 acres of land on which to build another primary and a secondary school, commencing in 2015;
  • Continue a large scale agriculture program which includes subsistence crops to feed the students, cash crops to generate revenue for the school and an animal husbandry program;
  • Build 12 teacher houses to assist us with attracting well-trained and proficient teachers;
  • Enroll another 80 students to commence school at Katuuso in 2015, including in pre-school level;
  • Secure funding for a tailoring centre, assembly hall and pre-school building at Katuuso commencing in 2015;
  • Up-skill teachers with sign language and additional professional courses;
  • Hold a range of extra-curricular activities for the students including an excursion to the Entebbe Zoo, Environmental Conservation Go Green Day, Sports Day, and Drop Everything and Read Day.

Wishing you safe and happy holidays and heres to an even bigger and more productive 2015!

Purchase handmade garments online now!

Our tailoring program has been a great success this year with us now employing 15 women from Katuuso. The women have been taught how to sew and are ever improving the quality of their products. We have successfully launched our tailoring items at our events, online and at various Christmas markets this year which has meant that we have been able to quadruple the incomes of these women. You can view the wonderful items for sale here now, they make perfect gifts for men and women and have been extremely popular during the festive season!

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