Christmas celebrations at Katuuso!

IMG_1771This week, we are excited to celebrate the end of the school year and Christmas at Katuuso!

Our students have been practising for their Christmas pageant and celebrated with a Christmas party where they came dressed in their very best clothes, had a special Christmas cake, goat and rice for lunch (a delicacy for children from Ugandan villages) and were given gifts.

The theme of this year’s Christmas party is ‘The Voice of an African Child’. They explore the theme through a range of skits and dances.

Give a Gift – new look Christmas cards

Tis the season! We have a new look Give a Gift appeal for Christmas and we’d love you to check it out! You can purchase a range of different items for our school, including a skipping rope ($10), chicken ($15), coloured pencils and paints ($20)… right through to a cow ($200). You can jump online and purchase a gift for a friend or family member and receive one of these lovely cards hand drawn by our students. Purchase these gifts online by visiting our online store here now!

IMG_2592 IMG_2594

Dental clinic at Katuuso

IMG_1837This month, we were exceptionally lucky to have donors Darren and Tracey Scott visit Katuuso to conduct a dental clinic. Darren and Tracey have kindly donated the wine for the Black Tie Fundraising Ball annually from their winery, Ridgeview Wines. They saw all the students and some staff. They also gave the students toothbrushes and toothpaste to take home! Huge thank you for donating their time and resources to our school.

Early Learning Centre, Assembly Hall and Tailoring Room are complete!

This week, we completed construction of the pre-school, assembly hall and tailoring room on site at Katuuso. Massive thank you to John, Dixon and the construction team for their hard work. We can’t wait to fill the new rooms with students!